Environmental Education

BEA-Kunde BIM - Berliner Immobilienmanagement: Schülerinnen Oberstufenzentrum

What are renewable energies? How can you save energy? The aim of environmental education is to teach pro-environmental behavior and the responsible use of natural resources.

Children and adolescents as well as adults can learn a lot about the origin, generation and use of energy. The issues raised are not only about the environmental policy and about education, a change of attitude in private households often results in noticeable energy savings. Moreover, it is important to attract the attention of potential future specialists and inspire them to start a career in the modern energy industry.
In our projects, we teach children and adolescents in day nurseries, schools and recreational facilities in a manner that is appropriate for their age. Our information and advisory campaigns help consumers that seek information on sustainable energy supply and provide guidance for decision making in their everyday life. As project manager, the Berliner Energieagentur develops and efficiently implements environmental education campaigns and helps to raise people's awareness on the responsible use of energy.


ClubE Jugendparlament im Abgeordnetenhaus
  • Environmental education
 Berliner ImpulsE program of the Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection
 2006 - 2017
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