Strom und Wärme
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The Berliner Energieagentur provides a broad variety of consulting and contracting services touching its main areas of focus: energy efficiency and renewable energies. The links listed below provide you access to our reference projects and plants as well as further information such as contact persons and documents available for download.


Electric light improves the quality of living and is the basis of modern society. However, the illumination of public spaces causes huge production costs and, in Germany alone, results in CO2 emissions of more than two million tons per year.

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Reduce costs – save resources – acquire customers: "Green procurement" is becoming more and more important for professional purchasers from industry and commerce and public authorities. Particularly the public authorities are asked to consider the long-term consequences in their purchasing strategy.

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Energy Efficiency

Germany is the global leader in the field of efficiency technology. However, there are chances not only in export but also for the application on domestic markets.
The factor for success in this area is the energy productivity.

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Renewable Energies

Sun, wind, water and renewable resources have a growing share in the supply of energy in Germany amounting to 10.3 percent. Today, a wide range of technologies and methods are available to produce electricity, heat or fuel from renewable energies.

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Combined Heat and Power

The simultaneous generation of power and heat in one plant is called combined heat and power generation (CHP) or cogeneration. Compared to the separate production of heat and power in conventional power plants and individual heating systems, CHP units are up to 40 percent more efficient. There are large and small plants operating on the CHP principle.

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Environmental Education

What are renewable energies? How can you save energy? The aim of environmental education is to teach pro-environmental behavior and the responsible use of natural resources.

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Energy Performance Contracting

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is a partnership between a public authority or a private enterprise and an energy service company (ESCO) aiming to reduce the cost of energy supply. At its own economic risk, the energy service provider as the ESCO makes all necessary investments and provides an energy saving guarantee. The partners then share the cost savings. The Senate of Berlin has successfully been implementing the model since 1996.

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