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Beyond its rules of parliamentary procedure and its corporate purpose, the Berliner Energieagentur is involved in various organizations and networks to improve energy efficiency and climate protection, provides good training to young individuals and cooperates on an international level, based on partnerships. We assume these social obligations are voluntarily and see it as an investment into the future and a contribution to responsible entrepreneurship.



FEDARENE is a leading European network, consisting of local and regional organizations, which coordinates and implements energy services and energy concepts. Regional and local energy agencies, as well as ministries and administrations working in these fields, are represented at FEDARENE. FEDARENE is a non-profit organization founded in 1990 on the initiative of six European regions. Today it has members in 17 European countries.

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Industry Alliance VHPready e.V. (Virtual Heat and Power ready)

Logo VHP Ready

The industry alliance VHPready e.V. promotes the energy transition („Energiewende“) by working on standard interfaces and protocols for decentralized networks of energy systems. The industry alliance develops the industry standard to encourage the networking of decentralized energy systems, the certification program as well as the appropriate testing tools in a cooperative and transparent manner together with its members. The VHPready standard and the corresponding certification mechanisms ensures the seamless and economic cooperation of all components. VHPready provides the basis for the flexible integration and aggregation of decentralized energy systems within Virtual Power Plants.

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eaD e.V.

Logo Bundesverband der Energie- und Klimaschutzagenturen Deutschlands e. V.

Bundesverband der Energie- und Klimaschutzagenturen Deutschlands e.V. (eaD) is a registered association for agencies that actually implement energy and climate policy goals on regional and municipal levels. The eaD promotes energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies. With their local projects and campaigns, they set the pace of the energy turnaround. The eaD is a forum for exchanging ideas and a joint lobby to represent its members' interests in political institutions, other associations and the media. The members of the eaD implement numerous projects for the cost-efficient and eco-friendly provision and use of energy.

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"mehrwert" (added value) initiative


mehrwert Berlin: 16 large public enterprises of the federal state of Berlin pipe up with this claim. The Berliner Energieagentur GmbH has been a member of the initiative since 2010. mehrwert Berlin means we are successful in efficiently and economically providing services and products in the fields of supply and disposal (water and energy supply, wastewater treatment, waste management, street cleaning), short-distance public transport and air traffic (buses, underground railway, trams, airports), health service (hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient care), housing industry (flats and commercial property) and sports and recreation (indoor and outdoor swimming pools).

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